Archived Playlists:  October - December 2017

'Come All Ye' is a folk music radio program broadcast on 2MCE-FM each Sunday from 12 to 2pm, heard across the central west of NSW, Australia, in the cities of Bathurst (92.3 Mhz) and Orange (94.7 Mhz), and streamed as well. Bruce Cameron has hosted 'Come All Ye' since 1976, making it the longest running folk / acoustic / roots program on Australian radio still with its original presenter.


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(Intro theme: HERON ELECTION JIG / Silly Wizard / Silly Wizard / XTRA)

19 November 2017

The featured album was the long awaited self-titled release from USHER'S ISLAND (Vertical Records). Five well regarded performers of trad and trad style Irish music (Donal Lunny, Andy Irvine, Paddy Glackin, Mike McGoldrick and John Doyle) combine forces to present a fine collection of material, all at a predictably high standard. Some of the voices are a little older than when we first heard them almost 50 years ago, but the quality is definitely still there. The tune sets are beautifully lush in places, reminiscent of Lunny and Irvine's Planxty period. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


DESPERADO / Lucy Wainwright Roche & Suzzy Roche / Mud & Apples / self published

YOUNG TOM ENNIS / Brian Rooney / Leitrim To London / Claddagh

ROLL ON BUDDY / The Kentucky Colonels / Long Journey Home / Vanguard

SOLDIER'S JOY / The Kentucky Colonels with Doc Watson / Long Journey Home / Vanguard

* THE MINES OF AUSTRALIA / Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton / Swapping Seasons /

THE BANKS OF NEWFOUNDLAND / Chris Foster / Jewel / Tradition Bearers

O CAMINO / Milladoiro / Galicia No Tempo / Green Linnet

THE WOMEN O' DUNDEE / Margaret Christl / The Picture In My Mind / Waterbug

ONE MILLION LAWYERS / Tom Paxton, Anne Hills, Bob Gibson / Best Of Friends / Appleseed

ALISTAIR'S and THE UNQUIET GRAVE / Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr / Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr / Mrs Casey Records

MON PERE A FAIT FAIRE UN ETANG / La Rouzine / Bal Mijote, Bal Rouzine /

TROUBLE IN THE FIELDS / The Outside Track / Light Up The Dark / Lorimer Records

MARO EO MA MESTREZ and MAZURKA MON JOLI NAVIRE / Trio Ewen, Delahaye, Favennec / Kan Tri Men / Coop Breizh

PALACES OF GOLD / Roy Bailey with Martin Simpson & John Kirkpatrick / Sit Down & Sing / Fuse Records

TWO SPOON NETS IN THE LOFT / Grainne Hambly & William Jackson / Music From Ireland And Scotland / Mill Records

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12 November 2017

The featured album was DEVIL IN THE SEAT by THE FOGHORN STRINGBAND American old-time string band music, played and sung with good energy and excellent musicianship. The band was recently here on tour and engaged well with Australian audiences. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


* BOTTLE RUN / Wongawilli / After The Tradition /

* COLLECTED TUNES MEDLEY 2 / Wongawilli / After The Tradition /

PORK CHOPS / The Two Man Gentlemen Band / Two At A Time / Bean-Tone Records

EL BESU / The Chieftains with Xuacu Amieva / Santiago / RCA Victor

THE JOLLY BROOM MAN / Mawkin : Causley / The Awkward Recruit / Navigator

FORKED DEER / Smoke Dawson / Fiddle / Tompkins Square

SKALHALLING / Kvarts / Filigran /

* SPRINGTIME ON THE WALLABY / Dave de Hugard / Songs Of The Wallaby Track / self published

TANGLEWOOD / The East Pointers / What We Leave Behind /

* BLACK MUDDY RIVER / Jim MacQuarrie / Time Can't Erase / self published

FREELANDS & SANDY BELL'S HORNPIPES / Kevin Macleod / Springwell / Greentrax

THE LOATHSOME WORM AND THE MACKERAL OF THE SEA / James Raynard / Strange Histories / Unearthed

COOLEY'S / Chris Droney / Down From Bell Harbour / Clo Iar-Chonnachta

FAR O'ER THE FORTH / Emiy Smith / A Different Life / White Fall Records

FAREWELL JOHNNY MINER / Bob Fox & Benny Graham / How Are You Off For Coals? / Fellside

FRENCHIE'S REEL / Sharon Shannon / Sacred Earth / Rathmines Music

C'EST LE MOMENT / Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms / Innocent Road / West Sound Music

* PAMULWUY / Home Rule / The Genuine Article /

GOOD MORNING LITTLE SCHOOLGIRL / Likho Duo / Blues And The World Beyond / Likho Records

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5 November 2017

The featured album was THE FLYING CONCERTINA by STEVE WILSON All sale proceeds from this album are donated to the Leukaemia Foundation. The artist, currently in remission after undergoing chemotherapy, lives on the south coast of New South Wales. A mix of songs and tunes, some original compositions, competently presented and heart felt with good humour. My thanks to Tony Smith, local poet, musician and all-round fine fellow, for joining me in the studio to discuss the featured album and fundraising for blood cancer research. The following tracks (all * Australian content) were scattered through the program:


* INGLEWOOD COCKY / Collector / Pumpkin & Bear /

SHOALS OF HERRING / Dave Burland / Benchmark / Fat Cat Records

JOHNNY GREY / The Canal Street String Band / Introducing The Canal Street String Band /

LAMENT FOR JOHN MORRISON OF ASSYNT HOUSE / Pons Aelius / Captain Glen's Comfort /

LET MR MAGUIRE SIT DOWN / James Mullan / From Galway To Dublin / Rounder

ALEXANDER'S / William J. Mullaly / From Galway To Dublin / Rounder

I KA PO AME KE AO / various / Hui Aloha / Dancing Cat

CHICKEN REEL / The Foghorn Stringband / Devil In The Seat /

TO LIVE IS TO FLY / Steve Earle / Townes / New West Records

BIG JOHN MCNEIL / Kitty Amaral / Fiddle Gems / String Dreams

FOX / Riobo / Riobo / Altafone

SOUTHERN RAILROAD BLUES / Norman Blake / The Fields Of November / Flying Fish

THE TRAIN THAT CARRIED MY GIRL FROM TOWN / Dubl Handi / Morning In A New Machine / Heath PR

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29 October 2017

This program was presented by Roger Hargraves.

MARCHA DOS NAMORADES FOJETES / Na Lua / Os Tempos Son Chegados / Do Fol

MAITIA NUN ZIRA / Oldarra / Le Chant Basque / Detour

THE MOONLIGHT PIPER SET / Carlos Nunez / Brotherhood Of Stars / BMG

THE LIEGE & LIEF MEDLEY / Fairport Convention / Swarb / Free Reed

MOLLY AND JIMMY'S and THE WAY IS CLEAR / Pons Aelius / Captain Glen's Comfort /

A CORNISH PASTICHE / Jack The Lad / It's Jack The Lad / Charisma

PEGGY O.S. WITH A SOLDIER / Jack The Lad / The Old Straight Track / Charisma

THE GENTLEMAN SOLDIER / Jack The Lad / Rough Diamonds / Charisma

HERE'S THE TENDER COMING / Jack The Lad / Jackpot / United Artists

THE SANDGATE GIRL'S LAMENT / The High Level Ranters / Northumberland Forever / Topic

LAMENT FOR JOHN MORRISON OF ASSYNT HOUSE / Pons Aelius / Captain Glen's Comfort /

CARRIETTIERA / Ditirammu / Isul Attruvata / Piccolo Compagnia

PONY BLUES / Charley Patton / Complete Recordings 1929-34 / JSP Records

POLEGMALA E TUDORA / Philip Koutev National Folk Ensemble / Philip Koutev National Folk Ensemble / Gega New

PATRIKOVO HORO / Petko Radev, Petko Dachev / Bulgarian Folk Songs And Dances / Gega New

NE PLACHI MAIKO NE ZHALI / Marko Ivanov / Outsinging The Nightingale / JSP Records

ELENINO / Boris Karlov / Outsinging The Nightingale / JSP Records

MITRO LE, MITRO / Folk Ensemble Sandanski / Pirin Folk Songs / Gega New

BLOW ON MY SOUL / Eleftheria Arvanataki / The Bodies And The Knives / Polydor

CONSTANT BILLY / Offa Rex / The Queen Of Hearts / Nonesuch

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22 October 2017

The featured album was THE DEAR GREEN PLACE by ALAN REID & ROB VAN SANTE (Red Sands Music). Alan Reid was a member of Battlefield Band for 40 years as singer, accordionist and organist. Guitarist and singer Rob van Sante was the band's sound engineer for almost 20 years. This is the duo's fifth collaborative album and includes a mix of traditional and more recent material, with some Reid originals. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


SISTER KATE and CHINQUAPIN HUNTING / Two Oceans Trio / Two Oceans Trio / Howdy Skies Records

I COFT A STANE O HASLOCK WOO / Deaf Shepherd / Even In The Rain / Scottish Arts Council

ALABAMA BOUND / Roger McGuinn with Pete Seeger / Treasures From The Folk Den / Appleseed

AVANT-DEUX OUVRARD / La Rouzine / Musiques A Danser En Poitou / Parthenay

BARRACK STREET / Said The Maiden / A Curious Tale /

XIGUES DE TORNER and LA CASA GRIS / Llan de Cubel / Un Tiempu Meyor / Fono Astur

LOWLANDS OF HOLLAND / Martha Tilston / The Sea / Squiggly-Planet

PLANXTY GEORGE BRABAZON / John McCutcheon / Water From Another Time / Rounder

TWENTY EIGHTEEN and MUNDESSE / Belshazzar's Feast / The Food Of Love / WildGoose

SAINTS AND SINNERS / Claire Mann & Aaron Jones / Secret Orders / tradmusic

PADDY ON THE TURNPIKE / Foghorn Stringband / Devil In The Seat /

THE GLOUP / Mark Roberts / The Gloup / self published

AMERICAN LIVES / Robbie O'Connell / Never Learned To Dance / Celtica

DRAG HER ROUND THE ROAD / Dervish / At The End Of The Day / Whirling Discs

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15 October 2017

The featured album was THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WELSH FOLK (ARC, the latest in a series of ARC's 'Ultimate Guides'. This is an eclectic compilation curated by musician, author and radio presenter, Cerys Matthews. As well as the inevitable choirs and harps, there is an impressively diverse range of material included. The following tracks were scattered through the program:

PWT AR Y BYS (Nansi Richards); Y BRAWD HOUDINI (Meic Stevens); TYDI A RODDAIST (Rhos Male Voice Choir): PIBDDAWNS TREFYNWY (Crasdant); THE GOWER REEL (Phil Tanner); AR LAN Y MOR (Hennessys)

* MOLE IN THE GROUND / Dev'lish Mary / Dev'lish Mary /

* THREE FORKS OF CUMBERLAND / Dev'lish Mary / Dev'lish Mary /

SAE WILL WE YET / Tony Cuffe / Sae Will We Yet / Greentrax

SHELTER FROM THE STORM / Crowes Pasture / Edge Of America /

GALICIAN DANCES and THE BERGEN / Jez Lowe & Jake Walton / Two A Roue / Tantobie

* WILLIE'S LADY / Triantan / Sydney Folk Gala / Great White Noise

SLIABH RUSSELL / Paddy Keenan & Tommy O'Sullivan / The Long Grazing Acre / Compass

THE KINGS AND QUEENS OF ENGLAND / Pete Coe / Long Company / Backshift Music

THE QUEEN OF HEARTS / Martin & Eliza Carthy / The Moral Of The Elephant / Topic-Planet

LADS O' THE FAIR / Battlefield Band / The Producer's Choice / Temple

URTAINEN ARIN-ARENA / Eleuterio Tapia / Tapiatarren Trikitixa / Elkar

MY LOVE IS LIKE A RED RED ROSE / Eddi Reader / The Songs Of Robert Burns Deluxe Edition / Reveal Records

MACKLINS VALS FROM ORSA / Fiddlers' Bid / Naked & Bare / Greentrax

WAY DOWN THE ROAD / Art Thieme / The Older I Get, The Better I Was / Waterbug

DANZANTES / La Musgana / Temas Profanos / Mad River

SPOONFUL / Likho Duo / Blues And The World Beyond / Likho Records - Blind Raccoon

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8 October 2017

The featured album was UN GIORNO IN BALLO by LYRADANZ This is a concept album of original, trad style compositions from a trio of experienced balfolk musicians whose interesting combination of instruments includes bowed psaltery and celtic harp. Most enjoyable musical journey through a day in the life of a dancer. The following tracks were scattered through the program:


FALSE SIR JOHN and NEW MOWN MEADOW / Annalivia / The Same Way Down /

AS I ROVED OUT and DANS EN DRO / Teresa Horgan & Matt Griffin / Brightest Sky Blue / self published

IN THE PINES / Ill-Mo Boys / Laugh And Grow Fat / Vigortone

THE HUMOURS OF AYLE HOUSE / Kirsten Alstaff / Gallowglass /

NORAN WATER / Davie Robertson / Star O' The Bar / Greentrax

WE GOT FOOLED AGAIN / Coope, Boyes & Simpson / ... As If / No Masters

EL PUERQUITO EN LA YUCA / Las Perlas Del Son / Si Senor / Corason

REINLANDER / Kvarts / Filigran /

* TEN THOUSAND MILES AWAY / The Rambleers / The Rambleers / NLA

I WOULD THAT THE WARS WERE ALL DONE / Roy Harris / Voices - English Traditional Songs / Fellside

I AM A GIRL OF CONSTANT SORROW / The Early Mays / Chase The Sun / Bird On The Wing Records

THREE FORKS OF THE CUMBERLAND / Mariel Vandersteel / Hickory / Hearth Music

THE NIGHT BEFORE LARRY WAS STRETCHED / Elvis Costello / Common Ground / EMI Premier

'TIL THE END OF THE WORLD ROLLS ROUND / Tangleweed / In The Unlikely Event Of A Water Landing / Squatney

* SHOOTIN' THROUGH / Dave Mann & friends / Paradise Is Just Around The Corner /

FRISCO TOWN / Michael Jerome Browne / Sliding Delta / Borealis

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1 October 2017

The featured album was BIDIN' MY TIME by CHRIS HILLMAN (Rounder). A new solo release from a former member of the Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Manassas and the Desert Rose Band. Hillman revisits some older material and is joined by several members of those bands. (Great to hear Roger McGuinn's electric 12 string again!) The following tracks were scattered through the program:


JOSHUA FIT THE BATTLE OF JERICHO / The Weavers / Rarities From The Vanguard Vault / Vanguard

MULVIHILL'S / Con Curtin & Edmond Murphy / Paddy In The Smoke / Topic

AIKENDRUM and SAMUEL THE WEAVER / The Tannahill Weavers / Cullen Bay / Green Linnet

* ROTHIEMURCHUS RANT / Catherine Fraser & Duncan Smith / Rhymes & Reasons /

THIG AN SMEORACH AS T-EARRACH / Christine Primrose / Gradh Is Gonadh, Guth Ag Aithris / Temple

COMO VIVIRE MI CHOLITA / Terrance Simien / Across The Parish Line / AIM-Planet

VIELLE POLKA DU MORVAN / Duo Lagrange Rutkowski / Musique Artisanale / self published

OLD KIMBALL / Anna & Elizabeth / Sun To Sun / Free Dirt-Planet

* THE BULLOCKY'S BALL / Warren Fahey's Bush Orchestra / Warren Fahey's Bush Orchestra

SEDYANKATA E NA RAZVALA / Philip Koutev / National Folk Ensemble / Gega New

RUARAIDH MOR'S and THE ROAD TO DRUMLEMAN / Malinky / Flower & Iron / Greentrax

KILLORAN'S CHURCH and LIBERTY'S SWEET SHORE / John Doyle / Shadow And Light / Compass-Planet

XARRERU / Sabugo Tente Firme / The Bagpipes Of Spanish Asturias / ARC

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